Remodeling with Urban Wood

by Andy Piper on November 22, 2011

Home owners are beginning to use urban wood sources to remodel or to create additions to their homes.

Photo by Chris Amos

A Washington Post article has featured two Ann Arbor homes that have incorporated local timber into the design.  John Scudder and Regan Knapp have turned their garage into a guest bedroom and office. Complete with windows and full height ceilings, the entire space has been refurbished using lumber cut from two pines in their back yard.

Eric and Sally Pauls have also remodeled using local lumber. Their one of a kind 1920s kitchen required custom pieces, the kind not found in a hardware store. Hiring a local contractor and using urban lumber the couple spent roughly the same as if they had order the pieces made from a large distributor.

Most people probably wont consider this kind of remodeling material as an option, but it does exist. The problem is that very few contractors advertise the service and you simply have to look out for it. The wood is also more difficult to cut down, clean and process than most regular lumber is.

Homeowners seem to  mostly use the wood due to a sentimental attachment to the tree after it has died. You planted the tree when a child was born, when you moved in, you climbed on and played on it. Now it’s the counter and cupboard, the rail on the stairs or the floor in the guest room. Δ John Fenton



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